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Taco 007?

I have a steam system that was converted to a 2 pipe sometime in the past.  I have a cast iron boiler that is ~20 years old.  Last winter I replaced the old Honeywell L8148E with a Beckett Aquasmart controller.  I believe the B&G Series 100 is original to the boiler, and I'd like to replace it.  I believe the Taco 007 is a suitable replacement and shouldn't pose any issues with my Aquasmart.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  My home is ~2000 sq. ft, 2 story and a single zone.


  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    Is it working OK now?

    What kind of ∆T are you seeing on the system?  007 curve is different and the Series 100 is completely rebuildable.
  • ChadZeilengaChadZeilenga Member Posts: 12
    Cold start

    The boiler is set up as a cold-start boiler with the "learn" function active on the Aquasmart so it determines its max temp. I believe it was around 140F though.
  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    edited September 2013
    By ∆T

    I mean difference between supply and return water temps when firing on a cold day (ideally a design day.)  Translation:  Is the Series 100 moving more water than you need?
  • ChadZeilengaChadZeilenga Member Posts: 12
    Delta T

    Sorry, I don't have that info. Should have gotten that before the winter ended. I would have to wait until JAN to get true numbers. I believe the pump is original to the boiler installation. The whole system is a high mass with all cast iron rads. When I installed the Aquasmart I started to get kettling inside the boiler so I thought the pump might be bad and was going to swap before the weather got too cold.
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