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Header For a Small Boiler

Hi Guys,

I understand why a bigger piped header slows down the velocity of the steam to drop out water. My question is that the SlantFin Galaxy recommends a 2.5" header in the manual which covers models from 100,000 to 300,000 btu's. Obviously, the 300 boiler pushes much more steam through the same diameter pipe than a 100.

My boiler is only 120,000 btu's. I'm coming off the boiler with a 2.5" riser that will be around 34" above normal water level. Would it be okay to reduce the drop header to 2" after the 2.5" riser on such a small boiler? The steam mains are 2". Reason being is a sprinkler contractor at work left a bunch of 2" Ward iron fittings and nipples after the job was finished last year. The equalizer will be 1.5" (Also my threader at work only goes to 2")

My old boiler was piped this way and seemed to work well. If I have to bite the bullet, I'll go 2.5" but if 2" is satisfactory that would save me some time and money.

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