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Boiler exhaust & intake switched: how bad is it?

ChrisGChrisG Posts: 3Member
I'm a homeowner who is having trouble with my Peerless gas boiler (PI-80), in service without problems for about 5 years until a couple of months ago.  I hired someone to take a look and the verdict is that I need a new combustion blower.  After looking at the installation I see that the exhaust and intake are switched.  The installation was supposed to use a T fitting (3" PVC) for the intake, extending about 6" from the outside of the house, and a straight PVC pipe extending at least 12" further out from the intake for the exhaust.  Those two pipes are installed correctly but he hooked the straight pipe to the boiler intake and the pipe with the T to the boiler exhaust.

It doesn't seem like this should matter much to someone who otherwise has no clue, but how big of a screwup is this?  How likely  is it that this installation is contributing to exhaust gases getting into my intake?  And if so, how likely would it contribute to my combustion blower breaking?
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