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Help with pipe size

joe7joe7 Posts: 15Member
I’m a new homeowner with little experience with steam heat.  I was hoping that some of the pros on this forum would be kind enough to help me with my question.


I’m renovating the whole top floor for myself.  My contractor convinced me to exchange the bulky, column cast iron radiators with recessed Surad radiators – to save valuable space.   In preparing the piping for the Sunrads, the plumber reduced the pipes to 1”.   (note: he didn’t reduce any risers. each 1” pipe goes only to a single radiator).   This got me a bit worried, since I noticed that the original pipes were wider.


He insists that 1” pipes are more than adequate for a single radiator.  (on the top floor, there will be 6 Sunrads ranging between 12 and 14(16) sections, plus 2 smaller sunrads for the bathrooms).


My system is a 1 pipe steam system.  It’s a 2 story building (plus an unfinished basement).  The mains are 2” (from the boiler until the back of the house is aprox 25’, to front - 50’).   The risers range between 1.25” to 2”.


Thank’s in advance for your guidance and advice
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