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gun-barreled radiators


I've been pricing oil to gas conversion in my steam-heated Queen Anne and have been getting so many opinions on steam (and boilers and hot water options) that I'm rather exhausted from lack of consensus. So, here I am to do more back study.

Ten years ago I had a steam-enamored heating contractor who gave me loads of background on my 1889ish state-of-the-art 2-pipe steam system, along with its history and some simple schematics. Some of my radiators, he said, were recycled from CivilWar-era gun barrels...

In measuring radiators to determine boiler size, do these gun-barreled types (attached) get measured the same as other column radiators? Does the 12" circumference of each barrel need special consideration? I haven't been able to find similar images online and I get discouraged to hear contractors say they have never seen the like.

This particular one is 2 columned, 7 sectioned and stands 39" from foot to cat.

Anyone have anything to say about this? Appreciated!



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