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Tom ElamTom Elam Posts: 52Member ✭✭

I am looking at a 1068ft2 row house on Chesterfield Ave in Baltimore to purchase for a rental property. I plan on holding the property long term. There is a very old oil fired steam heating system boiler and a newer gas fired water heater. I want to get rid of the oil and use natural gas for the fuel source. I work in a power plant with boilers but know nothing about steam heating for residential use. There is a head tank in a second floor closet and the sight glass is half full. I assume this means the boiler doesn't leak. I realize that I will have to get a tech to look at it to see if a gas burner can be retrofitted to it.


 I am looking for reasons to keep it or replace the boiler:


 1,The first is safety, after testing/replacing all the safety devices would you be comfortable with it in your basement?

 2.Fuel efficiency of an old boiler against a new boiler. I want the tenant to have money left to pay me after they pay the gas and electric bill.

 3.Maintenance nightmares for my property manager when the tenant calls at 2 am with no heat.

 4.Maintenance costs associated with upgrading the burner and controls and keeping old equipment running verses installing a new boiler.

Thank you for your input,

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