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Honeywell Envircom Zoning error problem

Big EdBig Ed Member Posts: 792
Hope someone could help with this problem over the weekend . Honeywell tech support is closed . Please excuse for lack of product numbers . Three zone Evirocom panel , using two for the job . Honeywell 9000? thermostats . The system uses three wires and comunicates to each other . Two zones , two stage condensor and furnace , outdoor sensor and duct sensor which gave us trouble . Needs a new one , it was shot cycling the condensor . Shutting off on low limit ...We disconected the duct sensor in the meen time . Next day an error code 52 poped up on the master thermostat with the red light . Called Honeywell again , error code 52 is a bad duct sensor . We then went in to the installers program to 365 and changed the 1 to a 0 which tells the system there is no duct sensor . We shut power to the system to reboot . the light and error code still stays on the screen and that zone does not work. how do we remove that error code . Scraching my head trying to help a good customer .I installed for him a few years back ... I wonder is the 365 in installers program the right one to change ?
I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
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