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HTP/ Solar Skies Stainless Double Wall HX Storage Tanks

matt_sunwaysolarmatt_sunwaysolar Member Posts: 61
Does anyone have any experience using the Heat Transfer Products (HTP) or Solar Skies (private labeled HTP) Stainless DOUBLE WALL HX Storage Tanks? In particular, model #'s SSU80DW and SSU119DW.

I'm in Chicago where we are required to use double wall HX's in almost all municipalities. Typically, we use the Rheem/ Richmond models with wraparound external heat exchangers (double wall). The head loss through the HX coil is massive, but the price is good and the heat exchange decent.

Obviously, the good things about the stainless are the warranty and longevity. The head loss (pressure drop) is excellent, but I am mainly concerned about the ability of the smaller, double-wall hx coil to transfer enough heat.

Looking to use these with flat plate collectors (AET/ Solar Skies). Typically 64, 76 or 80 sq. ft. of collector to 80 gallons of storage. In Drainback and Pressurized systems.

Please, anyone with experience. I would greatly appreciate input.
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