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Flexible piping connections to water2water heat pump?

I've seen quite a few installations but I'm wondering if it's necessary.

I currently have a climatemaster TMW 036 heat pump and all 6 of the connections use a per say, rubber hose washer with a female nut. I assume using a 1 inch MA copper adapter will seal well but will I have issues with noise transfer to the piping?

If it's minimal, I could live with it but if there's a nice flexible stainless steel braided line that is typically used, I'd like to install it that way. Then the unit can pop in and out easily too.

Any ideas/feedback will be appreciated. Cheers!


  • EmpireEmpire Member Posts: 2,343
    Bradded wrap SS.

    I use the Stainless mesh for the sole reason that building water pressures can be as little as 60 psi and upwards of 110psi.  Noise should not be a problem as far as vibration with newer units.  Be sure to use ball valves to isolate for ease of service.  Also check your local codes as to their suggestions.  You didn't say if it was commercial or res.   I think it looks better also.  Save yourself some hassle and use circuit setter if not sure what the building pressure is.


    Mike T.
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