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Any opinions on the new Sunnovation thermal monitoring solution?

mark57mark57 Member Posts: 2
I see that Sunnovations is coming out with a new monitoring system -

Any opinions?

I wonder if it would work on a 2 tank drainback system?

The Sunnovation system is designed to transfer the heat from the solar loop to the tank via a HX.

 In my drainback, the loop heats the tank and the HX preheats the water going to my gas water heater.



  • JamieLeefJamieLeef Member Posts: 13
    Not real monitoring

    This unit does not:

    - measure hot water delivery to your house. Therefore it will not qualify as energy monitoring for MA, or I believe CA, rebate programs.

    - provide any information about the collectors or controls or solar side of the system (temperatures, flow, pressure as basic examples).

    - is pretty expensive for what it does provide, especially if you need to buy two units to measure the water temperatures in a typical pre-heat system.

    For a real solar thermal monitoring system that is capable of as close to revenue grade energy production data as your flow meters can get, ability to remotely program your RESOL controller, and complete access to all the controller real-time temperature and flow data look at SolarWave for about the same price plus it does commercial. For the next closest try Sunreports (though I am not recommending them). If all you want is some temperature data try WELL or use a HOBO logger - both much less expensive.

    Good luck.

  • mark57mark57 Member Posts: 2


    Thanks for your input.
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