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Steam experts/contractors in lower Westchester NY for gas burner install on oil steam boiler

NYCDaveNYCDave Posts: 4Member
Hi All,

We have a 1920s colonial in lower Westchester county, NY, with an oil-fired steam boiler (one pipe) and are heating bills are sky high.  Would like to switch to Natural Gas, but if at all possible, would like to save the boiler (A 5 year old Burnham V86 steam boiler) since it's relatively new and seems to be in fine shape as far as I can tell, so hoping to find someone who could put a gas power-burner on this boiler?

Looking for someone with enough expertise but haven't managed to locate anyone, so I thought I would ask here.  The one place I called said noone had ever asked for something like this, and they could not do it because they could not warranty the boiler.  I don't need a warranty, but I do need someone who would know how to do this properly, and also know/document whether it's actually permissible.

I looked a bit into NY state codes, and they seem to say using a fuel 'not intended for the equipment' is not permitted *unless it's approved by a certified code enforcement official* so that suggests that in principle it may be possible if you can find someone to approve it...

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.

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