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radiator use as A/C?


I have an older house with single line hydronic heat & baseboard radiators, no A/C except for a mobile unit we put in the upstairs bedroom.

I'm thinking of plumbing a heat exchanger into the main circuit in the basement using the main water supply for the cooling side, so any fresh water you use in he house anyways will contribute to cooling for just the one time installation cost & the electricity to keep the pump running through the off season.

Has anyone here attempted such a thing, would there be a noticeable or only a barely measurable result?


  • TechmanTechman Member Posts: 2,141
    Yes u can

    and it will help a little but what do you do about the condensation from the rad, supply and return piping, and any pipes hidden in the walls ?
  • benrkbenrk Member Posts: 4
    Thx for your answer.

    Well, that is also one of my concerns, I'm in Manitoba, Canada & as a truck driver have been traveling extensively throughout North America, it's not usually getting unbearably hot here in the summer, that's why I'm even thinking about a budget/tinkering solution, in the southern US I'd just bite the lemon & put in central A/C.

    Up here I don't usually notice anywhere near the amount of condensation on water pipes as you do e.g. in public washrooms in GA in the summertime & the temperature differences in the system would stay fairly moderate, so I'm hoping there's not going to be an amount of condensation that would cause trouble, though once again the thought, if the efficiency is so low to not get moisture problems, how big (or small for that matter) is the cooling gain going to be, is it going to be worth the effort?
  • unclejohnunclejohn Member Posts: 858
    If there is

    No condensation then there is really no cooling.If you can't lower the dew point whats the point? On the other hand if you take a beer out of the frig and set it on the table and you get no condensate on it you shouldnt need the cooling.
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