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Another thermostat question for one pipe steam system

DimaDima Member Posts: 3
Hi All.

This probably will be the millions thermostat question on

this board but I need some help selecting a new thermostat and specifically the

right CPH setting.

 I have a two family house (two floors) with a one pipe steam

system. However, instead of cast iron radiators, the system has iron/steel

(black pipe) find tube convectors.  I

want to replace the old original Honeywell round thermostat with a digital one.

Almost all of the threads I read here recommend getting a Honeywell Vision pro

series thermostat with adjustable CPH and set it to one cycle per hour. This

setting would probably do well with cast iron radiators, but I am concerned it

might not work well with convectors since they get hot and cold at much faster


Could anyone please advise on a  correct CPH setting

for my system?

Any advice is appreciated.

PS.  I read somewhere

( I think on this forum) that select White Rogers thermostats have an option to

select the type of radiators in the system but I can’t seem to find a model

that does it. Did anyone hear about such a feature on their thermostats?

Thank you.


  • JStarJStar Member Posts: 2,668

    1, 2, ?

    The vision pro allows any number of CPH up to at least 9. Start at 1. If it doesn't work, try 2. It's less scientific than you think.
    - Joe Starosielec
    [email protected]
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