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High Temp Output On Demand Water Heater (Commercial)

NYplumberNYplumber Member Posts: 472
Hi forum members, I have an application that warrants two on demand water heaters for a commercial restauront application. Roughly 6gpm of 165 water needed. I am aware that most on demand heaters are not meant for that temp rise. The location is in NY suburbs. Please advise on what brands and models are for this application, as an indirect or reverse indirect most likely arent an option. Thanks in advance.


  • bob eckbob eck Member Posts: 502
    A O Smith Tankless gas water heater

    Look into A O Smith TGWH model ATI540H you can get up to 185Deg F water temp from it. This is their high efficiency model vents with PVC pipe
  • bob eckbob eck Member Posts: 502
    High water temp

    You can also use a Triangle Tube Smart stainless steel indirect water heater. You can store water at 180 DEG F and then use a mixing / tempering valve to get it to the temp you need.
  • NYplumberNYplumber Member Posts: 472

    Leaning towards a Noritz cascade setup.

    Any reason to look into the AO Smith over the Noritz?
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