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efficient control wiring

found a cgi 8 pin boiler that heats 9 apartments with baseboards,main boiler loop,4 secondary loops,each secondary loop is zoned for 2 seperate apartments,1 loop has 3 on it,it was installed very nice and professional,except the control wiring,wired for each zone to open and pull secondary pump for the loop it is in,boiler has TT jumped and runs at boiler temp on and off on high limit.The maintence guy shuts power down to boiler on may 1st annually,and power on sept 1st,laughs as he tells me he has forgotten to shut power off in the spring more than once over 8 years.Whats my best option,reset. 


  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,179

    What controls your secondary circulator?If it is a DPDT relay you should be able to use the other side to call the boiler.

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  • andrew123andrew123 Member Posts: 8
    fan relay

    they have 4 fan relay centres wired in so the  24 feeds each zone valve and to the t-stat and the end switch on each zone comes back to the G and starts the pump,I am able to switch all relays to whatever need be to solve if this will work for me.
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