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Pri/sec piping

heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
a primary loop 1 1/4" with a 1" secondary {6 zones with check valves in the circs on the supply side}, would you install a check valve on the primary loop? No DHW, they have a solar system... I installed the system myself about 2 years ago, I did not put a check valve in the primary {I only install them if there is an indirect coming off of it}, they had their plumber there servicing their solar DHW system that he installed and maintains and he told them I did not install a check valve or wye filter and this will cause problems for some reason {even though they are on their second heating season with it}// The system is all pex with hydro coils and the only cast in the system is the circs, I don't install wye strainers unless there is a need....

I never pick apart anyones work and I hate that I got this phone call, the boiler is a gb and works very well, they admitted they see at least 40% in savings, but wanted to know if they should let him install the check valve and strainer {for $390}.... I told them no, I wouldn't.....


  • Aaron_in_MaineAaron_in_Maine Member Posts: 307

    I would have told them the same thing. Between zone valves and IFC pumps I have not installed a check valve in a couple years.
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