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Water Noise From Baseboard Loop


I need some help with how to eliminate a unpleasant sound coming from a hot water heating baseboard loop. The problem area is in the second floor of a large residence. The other two zones of the second floor are operating fine and as quiet as it should be.

When the zone pump starts it sounds like a "running brook or small stream". Sometimes the noise remaines and other times it goes away. Room temperature maintains set point and the customer is happy except for the noise and only in this one  noisy zone.

The system is equipped with six zone pumps, pumping away piping configuration. HW loop is equipped with a Spirovent air seperator and we leave the city water make valve open at all times. I vented air from the loop but the noise remaines.  

Looking for recommendations

Thank you, Bill


  • RJRJ Member Posts: 459

    Make sure all pumps are off when bleeding air out of problem zone, keep the fill press. from going to low when bleeding air., if your bleeding out of a coin or key vent you need to bleed for awhile, you may get air than waterthan air, continue for several minutes untill you get a steady water stream. The tricky part is keeping the fill press up, I like to keep it just below the relief valve setiing when bleeding,  25psig., to do this i open the bypass alittle bit. some fill valves like watts have a built in bypass. if you dont have a bypass than turning the set screw or nut clockwise will increase the fill press.   Is this does not work than purging that zone would be what i would do next. to understand this process look it up on this sight.
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