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LPG furnace upgrade options

SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,089
3,000 square foot house built in 1999 or 2000.  Currently has 150k 80% Armstrong single-stage furnace and cheap 40 gallon water heater.  LPG bills average about $2,000 per year.

Have not done a heat loss yet, but at 40 BTU/ft2 I'm guessing the furnace has to be at least 20% oversized.

Thoughts on a 90+ modulating furnace and a more efficient water heater vs boiler with an indirect and hydro-air?  Other options to consider?



  • heatpro02920heatpro02920 Member Posts: 991
    edited March 2013
    150 k is a lot

    Swei, Is that input?

    I will say I like the Armstrong furnaces about the most out of what I have been installing...

    3 to look at would be a95 a96 or a97 depending mostly on budget...

    They are all 95plus and variable speed but the 96 and 97 are modulating...

    You can also always go for a boiler and hydrocoil with dhw at the same time, some customers go for it some dont like anything about having a boiler in the house...

    If they are on a budget Armstrong a951e is also a high eff unit with less Bells and whistles no variable speeds single stage and lesser quality stainless...

    Also do they have a/c, because you can always go with a heat pump for them not super cold days, to save from using the LPG....

    Sorry just the salesman in me...

    Also if they are looking for the best furnace money can buy that Lenox signature 98 is really nice, I have only installed a handful, they are priced high, but they are quiet and heck 98% is really close to 100..... {I know people are thinking carrier infinity 98.5 and also quiet}

    And for DHW you know where I stand Rinnai tankless...

    Ps. Most 13 yearl old houses around here are pretty well built with decent windows and insulation and 3000 sq ft homes I see are usually around 65-85k btu in our climate which my normal design degrees are 0-5..
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