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F13 error on Munchkin T50

JamieJamie Posts: 103Member
I have a T50 HTP Munchkin which was installed by a reputable and skilled contractor (thank you, Palmer Heating) six or so years ago and has been serviced each year since then, including combustion gas checks.

The boiler has suffered F13 error (combustion fan speed low) lockouts four times in about the past four months. Resetting the boiler with the S4 switch on the 925 controller clears the fault and the boiler runs without problem for a month or more. I have checked the line and DC voltages at the respective Molex connectors on the blower and tested the duty cycle at power up. All were fine (120VAC, 37VDC, and ramping up to 100% quickly, respectively.)

According to the HTP diagnostic checks, this means the combustion blower needs to be replaced. I assume the fan bearings could be worn just enough that the fan speed falls far enough below specs to only trip the error sometimes, but is there anything else you would recommend checking before I spend hundreds of dollars on a new fan?

Thank you for any assistance, insight, or education you can provide.
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