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Remove Limescale From Shower Heads

Hello Friends,

When your shower head starts shooting water in all directions or the water is barely coming out of your shower head, then you know there is limescale buildup that you need to clean out. Some shower heads are easy to remove from the shower arm while others you will need to clean while still attached to the wall.

* Unscrew the shower head from the shower arm using a wrench. Wrap masking or electrical tape around the shower head where you will be using the wrench to protect the finish.

* Submerge the shower head into a container of one part vinegar, one part water. Make the vinegar/water mixture deep enough to completely cover the shower head. Soak the shower head for at least three hours. If the limescale is thick you should soak it overnight.

* Remove the shower head from the vinegar/water mixture and rinse with clean water. Check for any stubborn limescale deposits left behind.

Thanks a lot!

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