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Wood Boiler Water Treatment

Hello all,

Wood boiler water treatment is critical to the proper maintenance of a wood-fired boiler heating system. If operated and maintained properly, a wood boiler is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative home heating source. Treating the boiler water to prevent corrosion and scale buildup will keep the system operating at maximum efficiency and will extend its useful life by many years.

Wood boiler water needs to be treated on a regular schedule to prevent corrosion, scale buildup and biological growth. Supply water from a well or a municipal water system contains impurities such as calcium and magnesium that can precipitate to form a layer of scale inside the boiler and other system parts. Scale buildup is a serious impediment to heat transfer and will reduce the efficiency of the system, resulting in wasted fuel and increased operating costs. Iron and steel parts inside the system will rust in the presence of water and oxygen. This corrosion will decrease the life of the system by causing leaks and failure of parts. Bacteria, fungi and algae can grow in untreated boiler water and accelerate corrosion.

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Boiler Corrosion
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