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Electric Baseboard HeatThermostat

EBEBRATT-EdEBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 1,743
i am looking for an electric baseboard heat thermostat, programmable, either 7 day or 5/2 day. All the ones I have seen are 2 wire single pole. The existing stat is two pole and I beleive that these thermostats are supposed to have a positive off position. So does a two pole programmable with a positive off exist??

thanks for the help,



  • SWEISWEI Member Posts: 7,356
    TRIAC based stats

    Typically wire into one leg of the power feeding a 240V baseboard strip.  The other leg is wired to the supply.  Since it is a series circuit, this gives the stat complete control.  Circuit protection is still on both poles.
  • ZmanZman Member Posts: 3,176

    I believe Honeywell / Aube t-stats break both poles. They also have a nice vacation mode that can be controlled remotely.

    Swei is correct that many t-stats used are single pole and the turn off the heaters just fine. There are 2 pole models out there. I prefer them
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  • EmpireEmpire Member Posts: 2,343

    ALWAYS use 2 pole for 240 vac stat on electric base heat.  The reasoning behind this is if the element shorts out and breaks 1 of both legs, the shorted leg will continue to heat uncontrolled.on the other leg of the 240vac.

    Mike T.
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