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Sparking or Crackling Noise When Furnace Ignites

DorfyDorfy Member Posts: 1
I have an Armstrong Air Ultra V Tech 91 Electric Furnace. Lately I have been hearing sounds when it tries to turn out, almost like there's a motor in there that's failing. It has always come on and blows hot air. However, yesterday I heard what sounded like wires were being singed. This happened each time that the funace ignited and turned on. It seemed that it was blowing cooler air out, but by that point I was paranoid so it may have not been the case. I pulled the front panel off and looked but there were no signs of sparks or fire and there was no smell of gas or burning. I turned the furnace way down anyway so that it would not click on.

I spoke to a neighbor about in this a.m. (they are condo's so we all have the same units) and she said that she has had to have parts replaced on her unit. She also mentioned the the exhaust pipe exiting the roof has no cover on it to keep debris out. So I was wondering if the crackeling and sparking noises were snow coming in though that pipe (blizzard last night) and hitting the pilot light and causing a snap sound. Like a crackling wood fire, only prett constant and loud.

Is this something that sounds serious? Repair or new furnace?


  • SlimpickinsSlimpickins Member Posts: 312
    call someone

    it sounds like you meant a gas furnace since you mentioned an exhaust pipe. I would call a HVAC service company to come check it  out ASAP.  IMHO and others, Armstrong isn't a well made furnace and prone to cracked heat exchangers. If its over 10 yrs old I'd replace it with one of the big names, Rheem, Carrier, Trane or even a Lennox.
  • dondon Member Posts: 395

    One of the big names.What make their equipment any better?.You do know armstrong is a product of lennox.

    We have install armstrong for years and never had a issue with hx.Infact armstrong is the only company I know of that puts out a service reference handbook on all their equipment.Not sure if they still are but just having that alone in ones toolbox make troubleshooting lots better then what you get from most of the so-called big budget marketing company.
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