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two boiler controld go down at same time?

GWGW Member Posts: 2,317
Hello, I am stumped, got a guy with two Buderus G234 boilers, one with 2107, one without, they are actually not tied together control-wise, a tekmar set point control operates the second boiler. Anyway both of the L8148E controls lost their transformers. I have never seen the transformer go (not that that's a big mystery) but to have both trannys drop at the same time seems puzzling.

I rigged up a 24v trans yesterday and got #1 to fire without blowing my popper fuse I had in line. I wrapped my wire 10 times around the amp claw and came with 1.1 amps during combustion (it was 11.7 amps with 10 wraps)

I replaced the 8148E

I didn't have time to get the second boiler going.

Any ideas what may have caused this? My only guess is a stray voltage surge grabbed the boilers circuit. I did not look at the elec service to see if there were two breakers or just one. I was in a bad hurry.

Thanks, Gary
Gary Wilson

Wilson Services, Inc

Northampton, MA


  • STEVEusaPASTEVEusaPA Member Posts: 1,260

    I have seen this before.  Twice.  Both times were caused by electrical surges/outages supplying the controls.

    Any recent lightening strikes?  Power outages? New appliances?

    Once during a brown out/snow storm.  Volts drop, amps go up, things fry.  I would also check all connections, making sure something hasn't changed electrically, and everything is properly grounded & bonded, especially with bx.

    The second time,  the primary control fried, got the call around 10pm.  Sent out our guy, troubleshoot, replace.  The next night, same time, same thing, replaced it again.  The third night, same time, same call.  I went out. Same problem.  I looked around, saw electric guitars/amps/drums.  Turned out 'the band' rehearsed until about 9pm everynight.  And this apparently was wreaking havoc on the electrical system( their TV 'broke' the other day).  Told the parents what was going on.  The band stopped playing in the basement, the problem went away.  Some components are very sensitive to power surges.

    So something must've caused the surge.  I would recommend making sure you have surge supression on all circuits supplying the controls.  Keep in mind, any bonding/grounding issues will cause them to trip.

    Also check with a full functioning electric meter, amps/volts coming into the house, and supplying the controls.  Also if you can, check HZ cycles.  Sometimes it's the power coming in, too.
  • GWGW Member Posts: 2,317

    thanks for the reply, some strange issue it is. Gary
    Gary Wilson

    Wilson Services, Inc

    Northampton, MA
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