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Chappee Wood Boiler

Look481Look481 Member Posts: 1
Hi all,

Can anyone tell me where to get information, prferably a manual for  a Chappee wood boiler? The stove is about 20 years old and has something called a Calorstat that makes the damper go up or down according to the temperature set. It has a chain that pulls it up and down. I think the Calorstat is bad. I have no manual and have been guessing as to proper use of the boiler. It can burn wood, coal or fuel oil. I did find the Chappee Company website but it is in French. Any help you could give as to where to get parts or a manual would be appreciated. I am not sure of the model number but I think I saw C-28 on it. I tried burning coal once but was not succesfull so I burn wood. Hopefully someone out there knows something about these boilers.



  • Chris SChris S Member Posts: 177
    wood boiler

    Try posting this question, with a photo in the boiler room at, you'll likely get an answer.

    From your description it sounds similar to an Italian boiler I had 15 years ago, and I would think that the parts you need are not specific to that make.
  • ChowdaheadChowdahead Member Posts: 56
    Damper Regulator

    The secondary damper regulator is call a Sampson and can be found on line

    Joe W
  • cabinovercabinover Member Posts: 1


    Saw where you said you had no luck burning coal. My father in law burns stove coal in his all winter and loves it. Happy to help you get yours burning, you'll never go back to wood again once you figure it out.

    I believe he has a manual in English if it would help you.

    Can't remember if you can PM here or Email me but email would be better.

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