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U - Tube Manometer

I am looking for a U-Tube manometer. The catch is that I want the simple water tube manometer - not the one with the red or blue or green dye. All you do is put some water in the tube, hook up to the gas line and you get your readings. You never have to worry about dye leaking out or anything like that.

 I can't find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can find one or is anyone interested in making a sale to me?


  • HenryHenry Member Posts: 643
    U tube

    You can get a Bacharach or Dwyer U tube gauge at most supply.


    You don't have to put the dye but it does help to see.
  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 3,771
    Go with Dwyer U tube it is

    less expensive.

    Do not use anything other than water in the tube as coloring and other chemicals change the viscosity of the water and affects the accuracy of the readings. I have actually run lab experiments to prove this. WATER ONLY!
  • EmpireEmpire Member Posts: 2,343
    edited February 2010
    Correct Tim....

    Since the red water, (oil mix) does have a different viscosity.  UEI, makes a differential meter for some bucks that can measure neg, pos, or diff pressures.  I use mine for pressure switches and the like.  For Large Air Rotation units, when measuring diff. across burners or static pressure, It's too sensitive and bounces way too much.  Inclined withe the so called RED stuff...:-) works great.

    PS How are things Tim Mc.


    Mike T.
  • Tim McElwainTim McElwain Member Posts: 3,771
    Mike I am doing great

    thanks for your input hope you are well.
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