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SS Chimney liner

joeljoel Posts: 931Member
Any supply house your buying the boilers from will have or be able to get you a liner.

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  • MikeLMikeL Posts: 126Member ✭✭
    Stainless chimney liner

    I'm looking for an 8" x 50' stainless steel chimney liner.....anyone know a source in the northeast........thanks in advance
  • Paul BockPaul Bock Posts: 40Member
    Elmer's Pipe

    Hi Mike,

    I've used this product before. They can custom roll up to 12" diameter. 50' shouldn't be a problem for them to make, but it will be pretty exciting to install. (Think Heavy)

    Paul B
  • JackJack Posts: 825Member ✭✭✭
    Just a question

    What are you venting? 8" is pretty large. You might be able to downsize.
  • MikeLMikeL Posts: 126Member ✭✭

    I'm venting two Viessmann vitogas boilers..........sizing is correct, I'm looking for a flexible liner........
  • Ken D.Ken D. Posts: 18Member

    We use Z Flex with no problems. I'm sure they have a supplier near you.
  • Radiant WizardRadiant Wizard Posts: 159Member
    50 Feet?

    I'd be a little concerned with condensing the chimmney in this application. Are you doing boiler reset in this application? What stack temps do you expect to have?
  • Bob HarperBob Harper Posts: 54Member

    I recommend you contact a local relining pro. They can assist you with the sizing, choice of alloy, brand, warranty, termination cap, and installation. An 8" is huge, esp. for such efficient equipment. Also, you may want to insulate this liner to minimize condensation. Probably will want AL 29-4C alloy instead of 316Ti. Type 321 is garbage and doesn't hold up. It is better suited for jet engine nozzles.
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